Equipment Hire Services Fueling Sofia Windfarm Project

Elevating Construction Efficiency with Cherry Picker and Telehandler

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Innovative Equipment Hire Solutions for Sofia Windfarm at Port of Tyne

Published: March 24, 2024 Manitou hire, port of time

Port of Tyne, UK – When it comes to establishing a new operational site for a significant renewable energy venture like the Sofia Windfarm project, the machinery you choose can dictate the pace of progress. In an industry where every day counts, our company’s prompt response and specialised equipment hire service have proven essential for a contractor’s new site setup at the bustling Port of Tyne.

Equipment Hire Services Fuelling Sofia Windfarm Project

The synergy between innovative engineering and renewable energy is a tale as old as time, yet it never ceases to inspire. At the heart of this story is our recent collaboration with the Sofia Windfarm project at the Port of Tyne, where we have provided cherry pickers and telehandlers, pivotal in setting up their new base of operations.

Rapid Deployment of Essential Machinery at Port of Tyne

Time is of the essence in the construction sector, and our client needed equipment that could not only perform but be delivered post-haste. The contractor’s request for immediate assistance was met with our swift action, delivering both the cherry picker and the telehandler within the same day – a testament to our commitment to client needs and project timelines.

Cherry Picker and Telehandler: Reaching New Heights

The cherry picker, with its impressive 16m lift height, and the telehandler, lifting up to 18m, have become the linchpins in the establishment of the site. Their robust design and height-reaching capabilities make them ideal for the unique demands of setting up a windfarm, where vertical space is as crucial as the horizontal.

Customized Forklift Solutions from Permatt for Efficient Setup

Our sister company, Permatt Fork Lift Trucks Ltd, has also played a vital role, supplying a 12-tonne Hangcha diesel forklift and a 2.5-tonne Toyota gas truck. These forklifts, with their substantial lifting capacity and reliability, are integral to the operational setup, dealing with the heavy lifting and precise placement of wind turbine components.

Bespoke Hook Attachment

Enhancing Operational Dynamics with Hook Attachment

To complement the lift equipment, we’ve provided a bespoke hook attachment that facilitates the movement of heavy concrete blocks with ease. This attachment is designed for efficiency, enabling the contractor to manoeuvre materials around the site swiftly, safely, and without any hassle.

A Milo Access Platforms Manitou MT1840 at Port of Tyne

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