Manitou MT 1335

Manitou MT 1335

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    The MT 1335 H is designed for users working on sites with buildings 2 to 3 storeys tall. Powered by a 102 hp motor with 4-wheel drive for efficiency regardless of the type of terrain, the MT 1335 H is fully equipped with compact outriggers which improve its offset as well as the general performance allowing the machine to easily navigate in small and more confined spaces.

    *Fork attachment only.


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    MT 1335 H: Tailored for Multi-Story Building Projects

    The Manitou MT 1335 H is a specialised telehandler engineered to meet the distinct needs of construction professionals engaged in projects focused on 2 to 3-story buildings. Its robust 102 horsepower motor and 4-wheel drive capability make it a powerhouse on the construction site. With this level of power, handling heavy loads and executing demanding tasks becomes effortless, providing a significant advantage when it comes to construction tasks involving multiple stories.

    Unrivalled Versatility on All Terrains

    The MT 1135 H’s 4-wheel drive system ensures it can conquer a wide array of terrains. This adaptability is a game-changer, allowing you to navigate uneven and challenging surfaces with ease. No matter the conditions, this telehandler maintains its efficiency, making it a dependable choice for construction projects that demand flexibility and resilience in various landscapes.

    Compact Outriggers for Precision and Safety

    One of the standout features of the Manitou MT 1335 H is its compact outriggers, designed to enhance offset and overall performance. These outriggers significantly improve the machine’s stability, especially when extending the boom to manage heavy loads at heights. Moreover, the compact outriggers are a game-changer when working in confined spaces where manoeuvrability is key. These features highlight the telehandler’s commitment to safety, precision, and adaptability on complex construction sites.

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