When Is Long Term Access Hire Required?

Published: May 16, 2022

Milo Access PlatformsAt Milo Access Platforms we get asked a lot when we believe it’s time to switch from a short term to a long term access hire contract.

One of the main things is that if you are stuck in a situation where your machinery keeps breaking down and you’re without any form of platform access, you should consider moving over to a short or long term hire plan.

We offer various different contracts, but a lot of our long term access hire contracts are anywhere from 4 – 6 years and we can even extend these contracts if need be! Just contact us today if you’re needing any advice, we would be grateful to help you.

Long Term Access Hire

Long term access hire has been known to be useful in a variety of sectors. It appears to do especially well throughout the food industry, as well as various sectors such as:

    • Manufacturing
    • Retail
    • Schools
    • Hospitals
    • Factories
    • Warehousing
    • And even media production!

If you’re unsure whether you would be better off with a long term or short term contract, let us help you choose the best option for yourself and your business.

The Benefits Of Long Term Access Hire

Long term access hire

At Milo Access Platforms we understand that it isn’t always financially viable to purchase either a lift or an access platform. Due to this, Milo is here to offer affordable plans so that our customers are able to access top quality products at an affordable price. Not only is it better financially, but it is also more convenient. We also offer service packages, so if anything goes wrong we are here to help you – which means you will never be left without any machinery.

We have a range of new and used lifts that are all of the top quality standards, so whatever you are needing we a sure to have it all here at Milo. We are known for meticulously checking our products to an extent that proves we love what we do! Our engineers make sure that all of our platforms are tested and services to the highest industry standards before they leave our warehouse.

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