Advanced Access Solutions Elevating the STACK Experience in Lincoln

Published: April 26, 2024

Elevating STACK: Abbey Group’s Newest Venture

Nestled in the heart of Lincoln at the bustling St Marks Shopping Centre, the former Argos store is undergoing a transformation into STACK Lincoln, a vibrant hub for leisure and community engagement set to open in Spring 2024. This project by the Abbey Group, in collaboration with Milo Access Platforms, promises to redefine urban recreation with a combination of independent street food, live entertainment, and engaging social spaces.

Milo’s Integral Role in STACK Lincoln’s Development

As STACK Lincoln begins to take shape, Milo Access Platforms has delivered crucial access solutions, supplying the Abbey Group with two electrically powered JCB 1930E scissor lifts and a Snorkel A38E electric articulating boom lift. These models are carefully selected for their advanced safety features, quiet operation, and zero emissions, aligning with STACK’s commitment to sustainability and urban rejuvenation.

Safety and Operational Excellence at the Forefront

In the creation of STACK Lincoln, where the central plaza will pulsate with live performances and community activities, the provision of a safe and efficient construction environment is of utmost importance. The equipment provided by Milo Access Platforms comes equipped with features like load sensing and tilt alarms, essential for the intricate work of constructing this multi-use complex that promises daily year-round entertainment.

Lincoln STACK’s Construction Journey

From its historical roots as St Marks Church and a railway station, to a shopping centre, and now to an upcoming social hub, STACK Lincoln is on a journey to become a nationally recognised brand. Milo’s access platforms have been instrumental in reaching new heights—quite literally—as the construction team works diligently to meet the ambitious summer 2023 completion goal.

Why Milo Access Platforms Was the Choice for Abbey Group

Milo Access Platforms was chosen for their expansive fleet, exemplary maintenance record, and exceptional customer service. Their equipment is a backbone for projects that require precision and reliability, making them an integral partner for the Abbey Group as they bring the unique STACK experience to Lincoln.

A Vision of Community and Entertainment Realised

The STACK initiative is at the forefront of transforming underutilised urban spaces across the UK, with STACK Lincoln poised to become a landmark of sustainable leisure and engagement. It is a testament to the Abbey Group’s vision and Milo Access Platform’s dedication to delivering state-of-the-art access solutions.

Connect with Milo Access Platforms for Your Project

For comprehensive access solutions that empower your construction projects, choose Milo Access Platforms. Experience the difference that a commitment to safety, efficiency, and superior customer service can make for your development. Contact Milo Access Platforms today and take the first step towards success in your construction endeavours.

For detailed information and the latest updates on the STACK Lincoln project, you can refer to STACK’s official website.

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