How To Operate Access Equipment Safely

Published: August 4, 2022 Access Equipment Safety

Access Equipment is fantastic for when working at heights, to support the work you are carrying out with comfort and ease while making your job much more efficient. However, in order to get the very best out of your Access Equipment, it is vital that you know how to operate it correctly in order to ensure that you work safely safe at all times and avoid major injuries. Putting in specific measures for using access equipment will help to make sure that everyone is using the access equipment in the same way, sensibly and carefully, but most importantly in the right way, maximising the safety of all operatives. This can range from height regulations to being aware of fragile surfaces any other health and safety measures to avoid work related accidents.

Why Is It Important To Operate Access Equipment Safely?

It is vitally important that staff operate work equipment safely, and undergo the correct training in order to do so, for a multitude of reasons. Staff need to be able to identify potential hazards and risks in order to prevent any accidents occurring, but they also need to be able to operate equipment correctly so that they don’t cause injury to themselves and others. Not only could this have severe consequences for the people involved, but also for productivity within the business.

Things To Consider Before Operating Access Equipment

There are many factors that need to be considered before operating access equipment, and we will go on to cover these in more detail. Not only does the equipment itself need to be in correct working order to prevent mishaps, the surrounding area needs to be considered in order for operatives to use it correctly for the conditions. Here are the key areas to consider before operating access equipment in order to do so in a safe manner:

What Are Weather Conditions Like?

Poor weather conditions could cause severe surface conditions when operating Access Equipment such as snow, ice and heavy rain influxing a risk of slips and falls and less grip to hold. You should always try to avoid working in these conditions with any Access Equipment in order to stay safe and think of the well-being of yourself and your fellow work-force.

Are There Any Potential Hazards In The Surrounding Vicinity?

It is important to check the surrounding area that you will be working in before starting to use any sort of access equipment or machinery, especially if you are going to be moving across multiple spaces and not just remaining stationary. In either circumstance, check that there are no obstacles or obstructions that could be a hazard, and make sure it is clear to anyone who may come into the vicinity that you are there and working at height.

How To Ensure You Operate Access Equipment Safely

There are a number of ways that you can ensure you are operating access equipment safely, and these should be put into practice to prevent accidents or injuries. Users should check to make sure that the equipment being used is in the appropriate condition, the correct safety equipment and clothing should be worn, and risk assessments should be carried out to identify any potential hazards. Making sure the equipment is safe and secure is one of the most important aspects of operating access equipment.

Record All Inspections Before Use

Carrying out a thorough inspection of the access equipment before use is one of the most important tasks before you even begin to use it. Checking to make sure there are no faults will make sure it is safe to use, or identify areas that need to be fixed before anyone starts working with it. This is especially important for this type of equipment where the user will be working at height and the danger to injury would be greater. Keep a record of any inspections carried out, so that the next users can check this, and if there are problems they can be easily identified as well as the cause. This may prevent further problems with your access equipment occurring in future too.

Complete Up To Date Access Equipment Training

Access Equipment is usually used at height therefore it goes without saying that it is important to instil a legitimate and up to date training program in order to know not just how to work the equipment safely and efficiently and to know what you are doing in any circumstance, but it also saves lives and prevents injury or risks of danger. By carrying out thorough training, including refreshers and reading practical information, it will make sure the staff have all the knowledge they need to operate it safely. Taking the proper precautions when using different types of access equipment is a must, and vital for preventing injuries or accidents.

Utilise The Correct and Appropriate Equipment Available To You

Prior to any work that you carry out at height, it is important to make sure that you are using the correct equipment for the specific job. This means that if you are working at extreme heights, make sure that you have the correct equipment that will support you at said height and you will not be over stretching which may result in a fall or injury. Using the correct equipment for the job is not only protection for the staff, but it will make the job easier and will be completed more efficiently. Nobody likes to work with tools that aren’t up to the job, so by making sure staff are using the right equipment and protective clothing will be a motivating factor in how well they complete the work.

Stay Focused, Avoid Distractions and Take Proper Precautions

We cannot express how important it is to carry out the precautions for operating Access Equipment safely and this also goes without saying that you should always remain focused on the task in hand when working at heights. This means do not use your mobile phone while operating the equipment, don’t get stuck into a conversation that could destruct your concentration and make sure that you have the correct supportive tools with you to not lose any balance while reading for them or have to keep moving around excessively. If you are tired or feeling unwell, this could potentially cause you to lose focus while operating the equipment, so it is important to flag this with a manager or supervisor so the correct decision can be made on how or if you use the equipment.

Carry Out A Full Risk Assessment Before Use

Conducting a thorough, step by step risk assessment before using any equipment is vital for the safety of everyone involved both in using the equipment directly, and anyone who may work in the vicinity. Identifying any issues before use means they can be resolved easily, without causing any issues if an accident occurs. It also means that the next people to use the equipment can be alerted to any issues or potential problems there may be. Putting a rescue plan in place in case of an emergency, or in case an unfortunate accident does occur, will mean that it can be dealt with as calmly and efficiently as possible, with minimal disruption and panic.

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