How To Operate Access Equipment Safely

Published: May 13, 2022

Access Equipment is fantastic for when working at heights, to support the work you are carrying out with comfort and ease while making your job much more efficient. However, in order to get the very best out of your Access Equipment, it is vital that you know how to operate it correctly in order to ensure that you are safe at all times.

Operating Access Equipment Safely:

Conduct An Inspection Prior To Use

It is vital that you check your equipment thoroughly before any use at all – this means checking for any faults, damage or if used prior to you personally using it – that it has been left in the correct manner. If you do not carry out these precautions it could have serious consequences such as an injury if anything were to happen.

Complete Up To Date Training

Access Equipment is usually used at height therefore it goes without saying that it is important to instil a legitimate and up to date training in order to know not just how to work the equipment safely and efficiently and to know what you are doing in any circumstance, but it also saves lives and prevents injury or risks of danger.

Utilising The Correct Equipment

Prior to any work that you carry out at heights, it is important to make sure that you are using the correct equipment for the specific job. This means that if you are working at extreme heights, make sure that you have the correct equipment that will support you at said height and you will not be over stretching which may result in a fall or injury.

Stay Focused On The Job

We cannot express how important it is to carry out the precautions for operating Access Equipment safely and this also goes without saying that you should always remain focused on the task in hand when working at heights. This means do not use your mobile phone while operating the equipment, don’t get stuck into a conversation that could destruct your concentration and make sure that you have the correct supportive tools with you to not lose any balance while reading for them or have to keep moving around excessively.

Consider Weather Conditions

Poor weather conditions could cause severe surface conditions when operating Access Equipment such as snow, ice and heavy rain influxing a risk of slips and falls and less grip to hold. You should always try to avoid working in these conditions with any Access Equipment in order to stay safe and think of the well-being of yourself and your fellow work-force.

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