What Is Access Equipment?

Published: May 16, 2022

Access equipment refers to any piece of equipment that is designed to allow workers to work safely at a height. If you work in the construction industry perhaps you are a roofer? Builder? Or do you work within the local council implementing street lighting in place? Whatever your specific vocation may be, carrying out maintenance or service works at a substantial height with the help of a mechanical device may be a requirement of one or several of your daily tasks. In order to carry this out safely, access equipment is the piece to your puzzle to ensure it is done with complete ease.

You can get a variety of different access equipment products as they come in different shapes and forms, from simplistic measures such as using steps to a ladder, scaffolding and operating bigger solutions such as a Boom Lift, Scissor Lift and many more, all that we can provide you with here at Milo.

Why Do I Need Access Equipment When Working?

Access equipment is used in a wide range of industries such as warehouses, factories and construction sites. The dangers that come with working at a height require high quality and reliable equipment, to help ensure workers can perform their particular job roles safely and efficiently without the worry of serious injury. The use of this machinery will also help to increase the efficiency and operational ability of your workplace, allowing workers to reach heights, complete their tasks to the best of their ability.

Access Equipment For Hire

Here at Milo Access Platforms, we make it super easy for you to hire our access equipment. We pride ourselves on not only being one of the largest and most reliable independent material handling suppliers in the UK but for also providing our clients with the highest quality equipment across the North East and Cumbria. Whether you are in need of one to ten access platforms, we can provide you with the best advice and supply you with the right equipment to complete the job in hand.

We supply our customers with both long and short time hire periods. We understand that purchasing a piece of access equipment can be a strain on the pennies and simply not convenient if you think you are not going to get an awful lot of permanent use with it, therefore hiring a piece of equipment from us is an easy and affordable alternative, providing the exact same quality, care and customer service!

Long Term Hire

Our long term hire usually supplies clients with hire for anything from four to six year periods, where our products are extensively checked, tested and serviced by our expert engineers, to ensure that they meet industry standards and retain our clients safety. Extensions on the hire agreement can also be reviewed if the client wishes to keep the product for a longer time frame.

Short Term Hire

We understand that if you only require the use of any access equipment for a short time frame then taking the leap to purchase your very own can weigh heavy financially and a short term hire option at an attainable and reasonable cost may be a better option. The same safety checks are carried out by our expert engineers to ensure maximum safety and productivity to all of our clients.

Access Equipment For Working At Height

If your task in hand is to work at height, then we can supply you with a wide selection of different options of access equipment to get the job done with comfort and ease. We supply a range of solutions that all meet our expert health, safety and productivity measurements from JLG, SkyJack and Genie, take a look at our website today to browse through the collection to find the tool perfect for your needs. It is important to mention that when using access equipment for working at a height, there is safety legislation that will need to be addressed by a health and safety executive to order to prevent falls or other common types of risks and accidents to a single person or multiple people.

Access Equipment Hire Near Me

If you are on the lookout for some access equipment hire then look no further than our team here at Milo; we can offer same day delivery on all of our solutions. If you require any extra information on the safety steps when working at height, check out the Health and Safety Executive step-by-step guide and don’t hesitate to give us a call today on 01916053918 to book your hire equipment.

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